Cut through the noise.
Stock your pipeline.

Voltn B2B Outreach engages thousands of your potential partners every month through LinkedIn.

Cut through the noise.
Stock your pipeline.

Voltn B2B Outreach engages thousands of your potential partners every month through LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn can be a goldmine of clients. It can also be a huge time suck when you don’t have a strategy for connecting with the right people, or in a way that results in profits.

Voltn does that work for you. We start conversations with 500, 1,000, even 2,000 targets every month on your behalf, then you step in once the conversation is ready to go.

How does


in new annually recurring revenue sound?

That’s how much a recent client booked in 5 months of Voltn B2B Outreach

In the first 11 weeks a CEO client:

Gained more than 5,000 high-value connections

Booked 46 highly-qualified meetings

Closed 22 high-ticket, recurring sales

Click here for case studies from two of our agency clients that use our B2B Outreach services

How it works

Network Expansion

Expand your LinkedIn network to include high value 1st & 2nd degree connections. Our team will advise you on search target criteria, and then reach out to hundreds or thousands of new individuals on your behalf. We can include a professional LinkedIn profile make-over (if desired) during on-boarding to improve outreach performance.

High-Volume Messaging

You have better things to do than write notes all day, so our team will handle sending of high volumes of personalized messages on your behalf. Our outreach specialists work all hours to start warm conversations that you can immediately take over. In tandem with the above network expansion, this outreach becomes very powerful for business development, event ticket sales, etc.

Add-on: Targeted Email Drips

This includes additional coordinated outreach to target prospects in Voltn’s massive B2B database to expand your reach outside LinkedIn. Once we successfully qualify a new prospect, the warm lead is passed into your funnel (the sales team, a CRM, your official newsletter, whatever you prefer). This is often an effective channel for otherwise difficult-to-reach LinkedIn target audiences.

Not just for giant companies

Voltn’s B2B Outreach program is perfect for

Startups with founders doing sales

Big-ticket relationship-based sales

Conferences and events for VIPs

SMBs with no or small sales teams


Important lessons

This type of marketing is not good for…

   Low-dollar / high-volume sales

    Most B2C products and services

    Entry-level relationships

    Unproven customer value propositions

    Clients without an existing sales funnel

    Transactional purchases

Ready to get started?

Choose a Plan

B2B Outreach Plans

Engage with 500 to 1,000
new connections per month

$2k / mo

Engage with 1,000 to 2,000
new connections per month

$3k / mo


Email campaigns

$1-2k / mo

Setup & delivery of email sequences 5-10k new leads per month

Target strategy & copywriting

$300 – 500

VOLTN made scaling our outbound marketing easy, consultative, and accountable to sales. If you need to scale your pipeline of qualified meetings and customers, I could not more strongly recommend VOLTN.

Neal Silverman

CEO, Traction Technology Partners

Collaborating with Voltn helped accelerate our growth, especially when Perksy began to seek our Series A funding. Their outreach tools helped us land both US and international partners and are providing leads for many more to come.

Nadia Genevieve Masri

CEO, Perksy

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