Voltn PersonLink

Access your best leads: prospects visiting your own website.

Voltn PersonLink

Access your best leads: prospects visiting your own website.

Through our consumer network, we are able to recognize 10% to 20% of the visitors on your site.

These individuals are on your digital doorstep and are interested in your business. Now you can reach out to your window shoppers and turn them into customers!

What It Does


Forget aggregated demographics and trends; we tell you the actual people on your site. These are decision-makers, ready with awareness and intent to purchase.

Match Rates

Typical user opt-in rates are around 1-2%, now you can increase user visibility 10-20x.

Automatic Data

Matching with dozens of partners and public records providers, we will populate over 40 fields when available, such as: name, email, Facebook, Twitter, postal address, demographics, and more.

The Options


(to CRM or download)

Enriched visitor data automatically sent by email or to your CRM system

Best for relationship-based marketing and sales teams

PersonLink for

Email Retargeting


We send email offers to visitors who match our consumer database

Ideal for e-commerce & offers

Why You Want It

Own your prospect data without constantly repaying for the same lead on Facebook & Google

Influence the decision-making process by addressing your potential customers personally

Use the enriched data for targeting, understanding your customers, and remarketing

212 Million

Enriched U.S. profiles

500+ Million

Email Addresses

200+ Million

Social Profiles

Up To 83


Questions? Here’s our FAQ
What do we offer?
Our service provides identification by email, name, etc. of the actual visitors to your site. We can either provide that information for your use (CSV download, CRM integration, API, etc.) or conduct email campaigns on your behalf.
What’s the source of the provided data? How does this work on my site?
Voltn partners with major national data providers to build and verify identity profiles of most U.S. adult consumers. Pairing that with our cookie network, we can recognize these individuals as visitors when they arrive at your site.
What can I do with the data I get?
You have a variety of options, mostly based on the type of product or service you provide. For high-value, relationship-based sales, such as car dealers or realtors, many of our clients will reach out individually with 1-on-1 emails, phone calls, or direct mail pieces. For other clients, they reach out with “come back” email campaigns or coupon offers. You can also use the data for online advertisement retargeting, such as Facebook custom advertising audiences. Still others use the data primarily for analytics.
How would I start the service on my website?
The only requirement is to place a clear 1×1 pixel image on your website. This is done with a single line of HTML code inserted into the header of your webpages.
Is this all compatible with CAN-SPAM, GDPR, etc.?
  1. As a business you can send a CAN-SPAM compliant message for your product or service to a new individual as long as you follow a few key rules, such as providing a postal address and an opt-out link. Read more on the FTC website here: CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business
  2. The service is is offered only for U.S. and Canadian audiences and is not covered by GDPR’s European scope.
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