Details on our referral program, agency accounts, and more


Details on our referral program, agency accounts, and more

We work with a variety of agencies, resellers and consultants to extend our services in the marketplace. Learn more below, and we look forward to talking!

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Referral Commissions

For trusted partners, we offer referral commissions for the introduction of new business. Our terms are detailed below, contact us to begin! 

Agency Partnerships

We work with agencies by providing our technologies to your clients, either as a partner or an integrated subcontractor. Some services are available for white-labeling. Contact us to discuss.

Note: we are non-competitive with most existing agency offerings. In fact, our growth services offer added value to the services of practically any digital agency. We don’t compete with SEO or PPC, but enhance them (making you look better!)We are also interested in work exchanges with our clients that may need those services.

Referral Program

For warm, qualified leads that result in a signed contract for Voltn services or products, we offer our referral partners the following revenue share:

  • 10% of all revenues successfully collected from the referred account over the course of the twelve months beginning on the date of introduction.
  • This includes all services agreed, even up-sells during the course of that year.
  • The revenue share is paid quarterly from collected payments. Payments billed but not paid in the referral period will be recognized in the following quarter’s revenue share payment.
  • This does not apply to media spend, external services, creative assets, tools, plug-ins, or anything passed through or billed to the client that does not represent a Voltn-originated product or service.


Referral partners…

  • Will have prior approval for the Voltn Referral Program. Have a hot lead but no prior relationship to Voltn? Don’t worry. We can expedite the process if need be.
  • Will conduct sales and marketing to their known network only, not doing ‘mass outreach’ or cold marketing without Voltn’s approval.
  • Will provide us with a “reasonable” warm handoff (a.k.a. please don’t send us a list of 10,000 contacts you scraped from a phone book!).
  • Will not negotiate price on behalf of Voltn, nor represent themselves to be Voltn employees, officers or similar.
  • Cannot be an employee or affiliate of the referred party.
  • Will use only company-approved marketing materials, remain in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, not make any false or misleading claims.

All decisions regarding engagement and contracting with leads are at Voltn’s sole discretion.

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